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Subject: EM TC 04/08 Meeting Minutes

EM TC Meeting Minutes
April 8th, 2003

Allen Wyke - Chairperson
Rick Carlton - E Team (Co-chair)
Cathy M Subatch - E Team (Secretary)
Gary Ham - DHS
Michael C. Wilson - TransState Media
Joyce Kern - SunGard
Art Botterell - Partnership for Public Warning
Kim Lambert - Logistics Management Institute
Mark Benemerito - SunGard
John Aerts - ISAB
John Ruegg - ISAB
John Gordon - RAMSafe
Mike Walker - Blue 292
Jason Gilliam - Blue 292
Donald Thomas - Blue 292
Rex Brooks - Starbourne Communications
Jay Clark - Ship Analytics
Jerry Weltman - Innovative Emergency Management

Meeting Minutes

Allen started the meeting by go over the Action Items for our last meeting.  Updates shown in bold.

        Allen - post Cooper presentation to TC member page - DONE (Allen has also create a folder where the members of the TC can upload information)
        Allen - work to create budget for proposal to submit to Cooper - Will work on this week
        Allen/Cathy - create one page description about EM-XML Consortium - Allen to send draft to Cathy for review
        Allen/Rick/Eliot - Investigate how NIST works (to use for certification). Will it be too costly or will benefit outweigh - Still outstanding.  Rex owes letter to his contact at NIST and will ask.  Allen to find out about OASIS's formal liaison with NIST
        Allen - liaison with e-Gov interoperability subcommittee (sc) - Will form subcommittee to investigate.  Existing SC to let Allen know who they need to liaison with
        Allen/Art - work on how to get CAP and OASIS to work together  - Art will work with Allen
        Allen - review  OASIS documentation guidelines and templates. Forward a copy to group. Need to start creating a Guidelines document that tells the outside world how we build standards (i.e., details that are more granular than the basic OASIS templates, such as potential WAI support). Allen will work on this week
        Membership - select subcommittee to work on (if not at face-to-face meeting).  Review charters and send email to appropriate subcommittee chair. Please notify subcommittee chair and secretary as to which subcommittee you'd like to join.  Updated lists of current SC members are included at end of email.
        Allen - talk with OASIS and get their thoughts on ISO 11179 as well as research in general terms for group. John, Eliot, and Gary to help. In process
        John Silva - post ISO 11179 presentation to OASIS EM TC site - Still outstanding
        Allen - think about how to best utilize the "normal" meeting time. Talk with people at OASIS. - Next week we will have full TC meeting and make decision on how subcommittees will meet.  Dial in access for all SCs will be same as the TC call, so SCs will have to stagger meetings.
        Eliot/Rex - draft Advisory Note for vote by TC Eliot not available. Question about scope.  Initially focus on CAP  and implementing standard for DHS.  Gary offered his services in speaking with his contacts at DHS to present proposal.  Rex will try and get drafted within next two weeks so we don't lose window of opportunity.
        Rick - review e-Gov infrastructure  charter/document and compare it to what he had in mind, and then make a recommendation as to next steps. Needs copy of charter to review (Rex sent while on the call).  Will have draft before next meeting

Subcommittee Update - GIS
Neither chairperson on call.

Subcommittee Update -  Infrastructure Framework
Rick asked for suggestions for framework standards that group may want to adapt.  Any members should forward suggestions to Rick (rcarlton@eteam.com).  Needs to look at language from e-Gov infrastructure charter and check its scope, then will update charter and sent to entire TC for review/comment.
Focus on group is to qualify, quantify and validate available infrastructure standards that can be applied to our work.  Will include:
  1. Pick up and move forward on work done by CAP (information on CAP can be found at http://www.incident.com/cap)
  2. Application for incident notification message format
  3. Develop set of core messages based on core ICS (Incident Command System) forms as way to connect work to NIMS as mandated in Presidential Directive #5 (http://www.whitehouse.gov/news/releases/2003/02/2003228-9.html)

    Allen asked about dates for deliverables and Rex responded that his goal is to complete item #1 this quarter.  Since it may be based on existing CAP work, it is the most mature.  How quickly others will follow is resource bound.
    John A - should be following the Justice guidelines.  Is CAP in line? If not, then FBI and local law enforcement will never use.  Rick noted that we should follow guidelines as stated in PD #5.  It was mentioned that this is similar to what the state of CA in designing regulatory and procedural procedures.
    Gary - there are various other standards groups suggesting their own dictionaries but the dictionary.  Had reviewed some and the definitions are document/context centered that aren't applicable to everyone.  We can support 11179 but uses arcane naming conventions and would be difficult.
    It was noted that Gartner has recommended using ASC12 and ISO 11179 standards.
    CAPS is probably not named consistent with 11179 naming structures so they may need to be restructured.
    Rick - this dialog overlaps into the Infrastructure Framework SC - will need to look into data dictionary and see if broadly applicable.  Also we should select portion of applicable standards.
    Allen OASIS has some guidelines that we need to know.  It should be noted that the TC has not yet agreed to adopt 11179 but looking at it for guidelines only.
    Rex will facilitate effort.
    Question about what CAP uses to transmit.  CAP is agnostic about transport.  Initial trials of CAP are transmitting over TCP/IP networks.  An issue: most first responders at state and national levels haven't even  implemented TCP/IP.   The Infrastructure Framework SC will look at recommended transmissions.
    Rex - this may be beyond our scope.  Assume capability to move beyond, to transmit outside group.  Take on all issues of authentication and privacy --> should be addressed using higher level recommendations.
    Rick - in content of deliver mechanisms, personal intent was to look across three different delivery mechanisms:
  1. wired
  2. wireless (cell)
  3. satellite

    Rick noted that the SC chairs should have sidebar meetings.
    It was agreed that all SC chairs should be on all three SC mailing lists

    Action Items

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