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emergency message

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Subject: Re: [emergency] EM TC 04-03-03 Meeting Minutes

Hi Eliot, Everyone,

I think that the wisest way to approach this touchy situation is to 
address it to a human decision-maker, i.e. "Dear Colleague:..." and 
write it in plain English, with the attachment also framed as an 
explanation with code to illustrate what is said.  The hypothetical 
human decision-maker actually exists somewhere along the line, so 
making the effort to show some human consideration is likely to 
create a friendlier and more receptive response.

I worry that anyone who is sent a message that is primarily code will 
probably not take the time to identify and understand the problem. I 
wouldn't if I didn't have plenty of time to spare for this.

As it is, I still don't have a good idea of why what DHS has done is 
in error and I don't have the time to uncover the problem on my own. 
The attachment makes good sense, but without knowledge of why it is 
needed, I can't form an opinion about the importance of the change it 

So, I think it would be politic and diplomatic to briefly explain why 
a change would be to everyone's benefit and offer the remedy.


>Hi Cathy
>At 08:51 AM 4/8/2003 -0700, you wrote:
>>EM TC Face-to-Face Meeting Minutes
>>April 3rd, 2003
>>Arlington, VA
>>    * [...] Rick noted that this was similar to what he wanted to do 
>>but still needed to be flushed out.
>I think you mean "fleshed out" rather than "flushed out"
>>Conclusion: SC needs to create advisory note to groups that are 
>>already working on this to tell them what we are doing and advise 
>>them to wait.
>The conclusion was to tell them what we are doing and what we
>advise as to the message format. Given that they had already
>acted, it does not make sense that we would ask them to wait.
>BTW, the gist of the advice I'd recommend is illustrated in
>the attached Web page.
>>Action Items
>>    * Eliot/Rex - draft Advisory Note for vote by TC
>My understanding is that the TC vote was on whether to send an
>Advisory Note and that vote carried without objection. We would
>expect the Advisory Note content to be a provided by the chair
>of the Notifications SC, it seems to me.
>Attachment converted: Enterprise:hsas.html (TEXT/MSIE) (0025E359)

Rex Brooks
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