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emergency message

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Subject: Re: [emergency] Advisory Note Concerning a Mechanism for ThreatAdvisory Messages

Hi Eliot,

This is just about exactly what I had in mind, balancing tact with 
clarity. The problematic aspect is clearly set out as is the advisory 
nature of the message. That you have the name and office clinches it. 
The only last consideration would be to make sure that Allen, the 
rest of the TC and OASIS are on board.

I'm for it.


>As time is of the essence here, I offer the attached draft
>letter as my suggestion of how we could handle this situation
>simply and quickly. I do know that Deborah Diaz is the
>appropriate person at DHS to get this letter and I am
>confident that she will act on it.
>At 06:28 AM 4/10/2003 -0700, Rex Brooks wrote:
>>Hi Eliot, Everyone,
>>I think that the wisest way to approach this touchy situation is to 
>>address it to a human decision-maker, i.e. "Dear Colleague:..." and 
>>write it in plain English, with the attachment also framed as an 
>>explanation with code to illustrate what is said.  The hypothetical 
>>human decision-maker actually exists somewhere along the line, so 
>>making the effort to show some human consideration is likely to 
>>create a friendlier and more receptive response.
>>I worry that anyone who is sent a message that is primarily code 
>>will probably not take the time to identify and understand the 
>>problem. I wouldn't if I didn't have plenty of time to spare for 
>>As it is, I still don't have a good idea of why what DHS has done 
>>is in error and I don't have the time to uncover the problem on my 
>>own. The attachment makes good sense, but without knowledge of why 
>>it is needed, I can't form an opinion about the importance of the 
>>change it suggests.
>>So, I think it would be politic and diplomatic to briefly explain 
>>why a change would be to everyone's benefit and offer the remedy.
>Attachment converted: Enterprise:Deborah Diaz.doc (WDBN/MSWD) (0025EA1F)

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