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Subject: Re: [huml] Convergent Standards Paper

Title: Re: [huml] Convergent Standards Paper
Sorry, Sandy,

I'm kinda tired and I ramble when I'm tired.

Here is the relevant quote from the charter/mission statement which I'm attaching, and which is available on the OASIS Website


Mission Statement:

Develop, design and provide specifications for Human Physical Characteristics Description Markup Language.
HPCDML will be designed to provide standardized description of physical characteristics of humans, with specific responsibility to harmonize and interoperate with widely accepted Public- Health, Medical, Biometric, Human-Modeling and Public Safety standards.

HPCDML is a superset of HumanML and through markup language concepts will provide a communication medium for end users and software community to exchange information of greater depth and complexity than verbally-based symbolic language in isolation from non-verbal contextual information. This extended communication requires an accurate depiction of human physical behaviors.  
The paper I posted deals with " ... widely accepted Public- Health, Medical, Biometric, Human-Modeling and Public Safety standards. "

I wanted to stake out a set of standards to start from, and that's what I did.

How we decide to deal with THAT material remains to be determined. I just wanted a starting point. Beyond that is where the subcommittee has to start working.

I can tell you what I want, but I'm just one member and, as chair, it would not be right for me to simply tick off the featues I want, but, with that disclaimer, I will go ahead and do that.

Basically I want the tools to drive avatars with a standard common vocabulary for emotional expressions and kinesic bodily movements or gestures. I also want to have a vocabulary that can be used in the field and in administrative centers for emergency response and delivery of emergency services that can be augmented by GeoVRML and X3D.

However, I suggest that we start meeting and pulling together what others want--and I will ask that this be part of the agenda for this month's TC meeting, which Ranjeeth should be scheduling very soon. Our normal day and time is the third Wednesday of the month at 12 pm Eastern Time, which would be a week from today--May 21, 2003.

I hope that clarifies it somewhat, and, of course, we are adaptable. The charter is broad, and we can focus down as narrowly as members choose.


At 12:38 PM -0400 5/14/03, Sandy Ressler wrote:
Folks...I am getting very confused by all the various standards being bandied about. What is the focus...SPECFICALLY...of the Human Physical markup ...while it's nice to be aware of lots of work going on...I'd like to suggest some focus ;-)

On Wednesday, May 14, 2003, at 12:34 PM, Rex Brooks wrote:
Thanks Ranjeeth,
Please do send me the website phdatastandards and I will add them to the list. I intend to make this list as comprehensive and immediately useful in real-world terms as we can make it.
Rex Brooks
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W3Address: http://www.starbourne.com
Email: rexb@starbourne.com
Tel: 510-849-2309
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