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emergency message

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Subject: RE: [emergency] Kent State Symbology Study

Note that the definitions of symbols as abstract (indexical or symbolic) or replicative (iconic) may be better
classified in semiotic theory from Peirce.  See
"In classifying signs, Peirce used his trichotomy to subdivide the sign relation into the triad of icon, index and symbol: an icon represents an object by its inherent form, which resembles the intended object; an index represents its object by some causal relationship, such as a pointing finger, a weather vane, or a dial on a meter; and a symbol represents its object by a convention established by some community."

From: David Hall [mailto:dhall@federalsupportsystems.com]
The following is a link to the Emergency symbology study performed by Kent State for FEMA that was mentioned in today's XML committee call.

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