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emergency message

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Subject: CAP Test Coordination

As promised, here is a list of what should happen to finalize this TC Action Item. Let's try to keep the discussion within the MSG SC for organizational purposes. I went ahead and cc:ed the whole TC, since it was a TC Action Item to send this email.

1. Update from E Team, ShipAnalytics, and Unisys on the status of their system. This update should also let the group know what kind of system (in, out, or both) you are building in terms of processing CAP alerts. There are currently Action Items in Kavi under the EM TC reflecting such. Due by Friday 9/12.

2. IEM (Jerry) and DMI-Services (Gary) should notify the group when they are ready to go, since they had some tweaks to perform. Due by Friday 9/12.

3. Each member involved should attempt the tests that pertains to them (see comment in #1 about the kind of system you are building) and use the list to convey the results. So, for instance/example, since Blue292 has a system that can input and output CAP messages, they should take one of Jerry's alerts (or one of Arts) and import it. Then send an email to the list describing what you can "see". The point is for them the author, Jerry, to confirm that the original intent of the message was preserved. Remember, we are just trying to identify the lossy effects of the schema, to see if our required vs optional flags are in the right places.

Lets try to complete this by mid-next week if at all possible, so we can make, if necessary, any changes to the CS before having OASIS announce.

Thanx - Allen

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