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Subject: CAP Discussion Lists and Archives

Friends -

Just for your reference, here are pointers to a couple of non-OASIS 
resources pertaining to the CAP effort:

* The CAP Working Group mailing list:  This is the original 
discussion list for the 130 or so members of the ad-hoc working group 
that did the initial design work on CAP that subsequently was 
contributed to the OASIS process.  It continues as a venue for 
discussion among users, implementers and other stakeholders who 
aren't OASIS members.  The archive is at 
<http://www.incident.com/pipermail/cap-list/>, the list info page is 

* The CAP-Interop mailing list:  This is a temporary working list for 
planning the EM XML EC's CAP Interoperability Demo in late September 
in Washington.  Again, this list includes both OASIS members and 
non-members.  The archive is at 
<http://www.incident.com/pipermail/cap-interop/>, the list info page 
is <http://www.incident.com/mailman/listinfo/cap-interop>.

Of course, neither of these lists are formal parts of the OASIS 
process or record, but they've both been useful as outreach and 
feedback tools.  I try to collect any issues that arise to bring back 
into the formal process at the appropriate moments, and I'd encourage 
anyone else who'd like to do so to monitor them and report back any 
issues or ideas they think should be addressed in our deliberations.

- Art

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