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emergency message

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Subject: Meeting Minutes: 2003.09.23

Sorry for the delay in getting these out...

EM TC Meeting Minutes
Sept 23, 2003

[CAP Testing]
* CAP test that is being run needs the participation of E Team.  E
Team's engineer's have been focused on the CAP Demonstration for this
week and will now be able to focus resources on this testing.  E Team
will take up the task of plotting them on the map.  Show CAP message
received and link to launch map and see coordinates logged on the map

* DMI-S- sends CAP message, do validate for the standard.  Can state
validation or non-validation if the message comes through. Need review
that DMI-S can get CAP message and maintain the intent.  The outcome of
the demonstration. 

* Concern about mapping - does it preserve the intent?  Is anyone doing
it geospatially?  Need at least two different rendering.

* When finish internal test of CAP decide as group whether to submit to

* Rick update: Resolution - generate polling statement to plenary
committee soliciting comments to what specific items need to be
included.  Let everyone have input and then generate semi-formal
requirements document with a general format.  Should have general
polling statement done by tomorrow.

* Updated Data Dictionary for ICS forms with comments from subcommittee.

* Gary - has concern when drive structure based on form rather than
relationships between each other.  Don't want to lose cross forms
relationships.  Eliot has similar concern.  Should find out what's in
common between forms.

* Rob - what version of forms being used - there are many of them.  We
need to determine which ICS being used.  May want to differentiate
between display and data content.

* Eliot - can we find a data model that has been developed

* Carl Reed - post to entire group this week for review

* Next topic considering requirements on how to deal with spatial
recognition.  Move maps up in the priority list.

* Rick Carlton - Minimal feedback on white paper that was distributed to
TC.  Give group one more week to review.  If you have comments, please
send to Rick. One more update.  Rick will generate polling statement
predicated on original white paper.  Comments to that will be addendum
to original white paper.

* First National Homeland Security and Expo calling for white papers and
speakers.  Rex will forward information to TC.

[Action Items]
* Jerry - Was intent preserved when messages being sent?

* Rick - send out general polling statement

* Notifications Subcommittee - Need clarification from subcommittee as
to how we are dealing with various versions of form.  Report back at
next meeting  (relationships across the forms within the data

* Notifications Subcommittee - Take into account how elements are
related between forms within the data dictionary.  Report back at next

R. Allen Wyke
Chair, Emergency Management TC

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