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emergency message

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Subject: Meeting Minutes: 2003.07.01 (delayed)

More old minutes that needed to be posted to the list....

Emergency Management TC
July 1, 2003 Meeting Minutes

[IF Subcommittee Update - Rick Carlton]
* No data points to report.  Still progressing to pulling together rough
cut of document. Making progress.  Everyone working independently on
gathering data.  

* Gary needs to provide elemental schema (have sent to Art).  Should get
to Rick as well.  Close to reaching general consensus.  All patterned
base and showing fair consistency.  

* Committee plans to work in background and monitor what is done with

* Don't want to make broad recommendation without any applicability
within first cut.  

[GIS Subcommitte Update - Eliot Christian]
* Bill has put note out to GIS committee - a report on symbology. 
Passing on note referring people to Federal Geographic committee HS
working group that is working on symbology.  

* Offering help to CAP folks on comment on precision.  Give guidance. 
Revisited units of measure.  There is a disconnect in the way people use
it - area is a circle with radius given in kilometers yet elevation,
everyone deals in feet.  But checked on it and will stay with that.

* Recent activity converging CAP alerts with geographic markup language
(GML).  Generic set of XML objects used to describe shapes such as
polygons.  GML is right way to show within CAPs.

* Allen - have we done any comparison between different groups?  OGC
versus GML, etc. - in relationship to emergency management?

  + Geospatial groups have converged - OGC is home to everything on
geospatial.  Tend to build things that geospatial people understand. 
Are the source of everything we do when relating to mapping.  Do we need
to look at GIS subcommittee to provide us guidance?

  + Working to provide guidance on geospatial.  

    -> Eliot - Could liaison to homeland security working group.   

    -> Rick -Good for EM TC to be close to motivating group.  This group
needs to focus on making decisions for itself and not being buffeted. 
Do we want to leverage work or stay aware and stay supportive.

    -> Eliot - Need to bring do that group a set of standards work that
they might be interestd.  Don't need liaison if only watch their work
and take note of it.

    -> What does group think?  Are there among vendors represented - are
there standards for symnology for mapping that they want to push or
use?  Let Eliot know and then we can liaison with them.

* Is your subcommittee aware of Kent State study?

  + EM community has put forth an issue that all systems don't use same
symbology.  Eliot may see if they are aware of this study and check with
symbology unit to see if they are aware
  + David Hall sent link to Kent State study:

[Notifications Subcommittee Update - Art Botterell]
* Did presentation on CAP at Toronto Disaster Management conference. 
Was well received.  Everyone likes conceptual model but no major

* Eliot working on mechanics of plotting a cap message onto the map
using a layer of GML as an interface.  Won't need to be changes in CAP

  + Good discussion on that work and arbitrary geocode problem and came
up with strategy we may want to pursue.

* New write up on XML cover pages on pubic review of CAP.  Any questions
on CAP draft or review process - is out to public for review.   Posted
on OASIS page for public?  Add link on TC page (Allen).  Is posted on
old CAP working group page and mailed copies to key stakeholders

* Allen - Is the committee ready to talk about reference
implementation?  Blue292 wants to be one of reference implementation to
see if we can get this working.  ComCARE Alliance has several
demonstrations going on.  They put interoperability projects together
and draw in multiple vendors to do demonstration.  May be able to build
opportunities there.  Can build a venue where they can interoperate.  At
some point this moves into Infrastructure space.

* Reference implementations committee level - becomes a committee
recommendation.  Make candidate for full OASIS status must commit as
document with three reference implementations.  Need to make sure that
specification stable enough to be built against with some degree of

* Standards first, practical display of functionality and then pushed to
OASIS as a document for review.  Must be documentation of standard in

* Eliot - CAP is only XML schema - has no service

* Want to have three separate players to validate.  Three OASIS members
must provide letters that they are using standard.

* Art - Need to do some high visibility demonstrations.

* Allen make time to identify where this could be done such as sending
something through CAPWin.

* Discussion on this top should continue over email.

[Action Items]
* Allen and Art work on reference implementation and get back to group. 
Next level of detail on timeline.

* Allen - Email on Face to Face meeting

* Allen - to add link to OASIS Coverpage article on CAP standards.

[Next Meeting]
* The next meeting will be a face-to-face meeting hosted by Gary Ham at
the Batelle facility in Stafford, VA on Tuesday, July 15th at 10am
PDT/1pm EDT.  There will be a dial in for those who cannot make the

Dial in - 1.800.453.7412
Access Code - 604776
R. Allen Wyke
Chair, Emergency Management TC

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