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emergency message

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Subject: Re: [emergency] Agenda: 10/07

I can add a bit to 7 & 8. I did a very rough first pass through ICS 
201 to make a schema of it. I sent it to David with the advice that I 
did not expect it to survive, but for it to be used as a starting 
point and that I thought it would be wise to vette it through Gary 
Ham first for comments before sending it on to the msg SC. I adopted 
a particular structure that followed the DOM and the data dictionary 
and discovered that one cannot simply import the Word doc into XMLSPY 
nor can one save the Word doc as html and then open it in XMLSPY, so 
I just went ahead and did it from scratch. In doing so, a number of 
things became apparent, specifically it's relationship to the rest of 
the ICS 200 series, which I think would best be designed as 
interlocking, interoperable schemata from the get go, but we can 
discuss that, as well as the structural principles in which my nose 
got rubbed, rather thoroughly. At the end of the day I was rather 
sheepishly glad my trial license on XMLSPY 2004 just ran out. ;)


At 12:14 AM -0400 10/7/03, R. Allen Wyke wrote:
>Lots to do tomorrow, so if any of these can be addressed in email before
>hand, then please feel free to respond and do so.
>1. Jerry (IEM): comments on whether the "intent" was preserved in the
>various CAP test implementations.
>2. Gary (DMIS): you were going to also reflect on how well your platform
>handled CAP to ensure the preservation of the originator's intent.
>3. Rob (E Team): update on the geospatial display of our CAP test alerts
>and similar to Jerry and Gary's item, whether or not the intent was
>4. CAP Update: at this point we should only need to bring together a
>master list of outstanding questions/comments that need to be addressed.
>With that we can start hammering through them and drive them to
>5. Rick: update on Transport Requirements document.
>6. Rick: status of final review of infrastructure whitepaper
>7. David Hall/MSG SC: ICS form variations and version. Sorry about
>sending this one out late. If we need to discuss in more detail in the
>call tomorrow, that will be fine.
>8. David Hall/MSG SC: ICS element relationships. Sorry about sending
>this one out late. If we need to discuss in more detail in the call
>tomorrow, that will be fine.
>9. Carl (OGC): Symbology Requirements document update.
>R. Allen Wyke
>Chair, Emergency Management TC
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