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emergency message

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Subject: RE: [emergency] infrastructure white patper (from Gary)

Gary's comments....

-----Forwarded Message-----
> c) DMI-S TIE: I, personally, like the inclusion of this, but my concern
> is that it is currently a non-public de facto standard. While one
> approach would be to recommend we do not list these kinds of standards
> in our efforts, I think a better approach might be to see if Gary, et al
> might considering submitting TIE to the TC, so that we can start working
> to standardize on it? Gary?
Gary's response:
Regarding the DMIS TIE data structure:
DMIS has a defined internal data structure that I have translated to XML
Schema. It would need work to put it into standard a standard quality effort
and I have not done so because of what are best described as 'political
implications." Specifically, DMIS came to this committee with no intention
of being prescriptive with regard to the specifics of any data structure.
We felt that it was our job to use and interoperate on the basis industry
defined standards. Our primary goal is to provide infrastructure, not define
internal content. We were, and remain, concerned that trying to impose our
own structures on industry might be misconstrued as a Government program
trying to limit industry competition, which is exactly the OPPOSITE of the
intention of the DMIS program. That said, IF the committee specifically
asks, AS A COMMITTEE, for that XML, I will be happy to provide it. I will
need a your help in bringing it to industrial strength.  And DMIS would, of
course, be amenable to committee adjustments in structure.  I suspect that
we might need to align it a bit with DOJ terminology as well. There would be
a lot of work to do.  On the other hand the basic information is based on
three years of requirements development effort.

Gary A. Ham

R. Allen Wyke
Chair, Emergency Management TC

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