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Subject: Fwd: [egov] Interoperability among Types of Registries

Hi Eliot,

This is very cogent and to the point, so I am copying it to EM TC as 
well. This is, in essence what I meant by importing schemata for 
other standards (particularly for names and addresses) into CAP to 
account for various usages, and formulations of the same information. 
It then becomes a matter of using the correct term from the correct 
schema for a particular usage, while having that information 
available in repositories which can reference the namespace-specific 
formulation of the term to retrieve the data from the correct 
repository. This is not yet automatic, but it appears to be headed in 
that direction. So until it is, we need to be careful to provide 
implementation guides on how to accomplish this, and that leads to my 
question: Are there other such resources as this ppt for which you 
can send the url's or the resources themselves such as this?


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>From: Eliot Christian <echristi@usgs.gov>
>Subject: [egov] Interoperability among Types of Registries
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>In the work on registries, I found Bruce Bargmeyer's presentations
>to be especially illuminating. The attached short Powerpoint gives
>a nice overview of seven types of Registries that are all relevant
>to our work in E-Government:
>- ISO 11179 Metadata Registries
>- Database Catalogs/Data Dictionaries/ Repositories
>- Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration
>   (UDDI) Registries
>- CASE (Computer-Aided Software Engineering) Tool
>   Encyclopedias/Repositories
>- Ontological Registries
>- Software Component Registries
>- OASIS/ebXML XML Registries
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