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emergency message

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Subject: RE: [emergency] Meeting Minutes: 2003.12.09

Item No.1:  When I described this comment, I was posing the question
that came up in an email exchange between Jeff Kyser and Art Botterell.
The situation is this:

Jeff said
: "Then, even if I had a system based on FIPS codes or something else,
there would be a means to map the location into my space, as I could
come up with a lat/lon/radius for each of the FIPS (or SAME) codes I was
interested in monitoring. The onus would be onme, and it wouldn't be
perfect (counties not being round in general :) but the (required) data
would be there for me to do it."

Art replied
"Since that would involve implementing some IF-logic anyway, would it be
hard to simply treat an <area> with no geospatial or geocode elements as
equivalent to no <area> at all?"

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