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emergency message

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Subject: [no subject]


-----Original Message-----
From: emtc@nc.rr.com [mailto:emtc@nc.rr.com]=20
Sent: Tuesday, December 09, 2003 1:25 PM
To: emergency@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [emergency] Meeting Minutes: 2003.12.09

A LOT of great progress on today's call.=20

Here are the general updates on each of the issues, which can be founded
in the updated CAP Issues List.xls in the document section. The
"resolved" items were all voted on, and there were no votes against any
of the resolutions.

1 (Need More Info): Is the question in the context of "how is it dealt
with" or "what does it mean". The group really does not want to make a
statement here, but we may be able to add something for clarification
reasons. Walid to track down who sent it, since it was part of the
original list, and see if we can clarify.

2 (Amend): Change entry for <geocode> to read "(3) This element is
primarily for compatibility with other systems. Use of this element...it
SHOULD be..."

3 (Reject): Addressed in Section 3.3.1.

4 (Amend): Add the following as the second sentence to section 1.1
"...of alerts and notifications. It does not address any particular
application or telecommunications method. The CAP format..."

7/9 (Need More Info): Still needs further debate via email. The IF SC is
going to talk about and then forward the final proposal to the TC for

22 (Need More Info): Allen to circulate a proposal.

29 (Need More Info): Allen to circulate again based on new suggestion of
just examples.

30 (Amend): Will amend Section 1.3 to include the following "..more
<area> segments. Under most circumstances CAP messages with a <msgType>
value of "Alert" SHOULD include at least one <info> element. (See the
document..." There will be no schema changes.

31 (Amend): We cannot, at this time, confirm that will be in this
format. To avoid confusion, we will include the word "generally" before
"..in the form.." for the <geocode> element to convey this.

32 (Amend): Amend description of <resourceDesc> to read "The human
readable text describing the content and kind, such as 'map' or 'photo',
of the resource file."

Finally, Art proposed that we move to 2 days a week in order to complete
our review of the comments. The group agreed. If you have ANY objections
to this, please let me know by noon tomorrow (12/10). Unless otherwise
specified, we WILL be meeting, for the foreseeable future, every Tuesday
AND Thursday at 12:00pm (noon) EST. Same dialin info, and the next call
is 12/11.


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