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emergency message

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Subject: Re: [emergency] FYI: IBM, HP Release Proposed Web ServicesStandard

Hi Carl, Everyone,

I noticed this, too. Last week we had the eventing spec mentioned 
below that included a notification element using subscription with 
"event source" and "event sink" which I expressed some disapproval 
for, though with some approval for as well, in the WSRP lists, 
favoring instead the simpler "sender/receiver" model from a previous 
paper. This week we have a notification spec. The eventual merging of 
these two offerings is mentioned in the report. In particular, with 
regard to how this merging is likely to occur, I wonder why this 
effort is not being conducted within a standards body.


At 8:31 AM -0500 1/21/04, creed@opengis.org wrote:
>IBM, HP Release Proposed Web Services Standard Jan. 20, 2004
>More Stories on:
>WS-Notification provides a mechanism for standards-based 
>communications of events within a network of computer systems.
>By Antone Gonsalves, TechWeb News
>IBM, Hewlett-Packard, and other high-tech companies on Tuesday 
>released a Web services specification for interoperability between 
>systems within a supply chain, grid computing, and an infrastructure 
>management environment.
>WS-Notification provides a mechanism for standards-based 
>communications of events within a network of computer systems. 
>Examples could include an application notifying another that a 
>purchase order has been accepted, or that data is ready for 
>download. Until recently, communicating such "events" between 
>business applications was done through proprietary messaging systems.
>The same computing need within a web services architecture is being 
>addressed by Microsoft, BEA Systems, Tibco Software, and others 
>through a separate specification called WS-Eventing. IBM stressed 
>that the groups aren't competing, but are taking different 
>The priorities of IBM and its partners focus on allowing message 
>brokers, such IBM MQSeries, to be present between the event 
>publisher and the subscriber within a network, in addition to 
>managing all other notifications and the end points.
>In addition, IBM is interested in supporting its grid-computing 
>initiative, which needed notification to work. Grid computing is the 
>sharing of processing power across a network so that all machines 
>function as one larger supercomputer.
>Although Microsoft and its partners are focused on a different set 
>of priorities and products, analysts expect the technologies from 
>the two camps to eventually be brought together into one 
>specification. "I don't believe we're going to see a battle here," 
>said Ron Schmelzer, an analyst for high-tech researcher ZapThink.
>Karla Norsworthy, director of E-business technology for IBM, 
>confirmed that IBM intends to eventually merge the specifications, 
>although there's no timetable. "We're quite confident that we can 
>converge these technologies," Norsworthy said. "We can figure out 
>how the Eventing specification fits into the larger picture that 
>we're drawing. It may require some changes to both specifications, 
>and we're anxious to roll up our sleeves and get to work."
>In building WS-Notification, the companies incorporated integration 
>with Web services management technologies under development by 
>Oasis, an international standards body, and standards under 
>development by the Global Grid Forum, Norsworthy said.
>While specification work appears to be progressing, businesses may 
>have to wait a bit for product incorporating these standards. While 
>the vendors plan to ship product, most are at the stage of letting 
>the specifications provide the guide to their overall technology 
>"IBM (for example) has a logical plan for tying all this together," 
>Schmelzer said. "This specification is aimed at contributing to that 
>cohesive framework."
>Besides WS-Notification, IBM, HP, Sonic Software, and Tibco released 
>WS-Resources Framework, a description of how to handle application 
>communications related to expiration of contracts and service level 
>agreements, deleting products from inventory systems and other 
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