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Subject: Final editorial corrections?

Friends -

As we prepare to finalize the CAP 1.0 document as an OASIS Standard, 
would everyone please take one last look at the draft and see if 
there are any final editorial corrections we should make?

I'm not talking about reopening any substantive debates, past or 
pending.  I'm only talking about one last scan for minor 
typographical errors or clarifications that won't change the 
substance of the document as adopted.

In particular... and we should discuss this if anyone sees a 
problem... I wonder if we might be able to agree on a formulation of 
the schema that achieves the intent of the "Gary Rule" in a more 
generally compatible way.  Again, I'm not suggesting that the 
substance of CAP 1.0 is up for debate again, but if we can express 
what we agreed upon in more technically compatible way, seems like 
that might be worth doing now.

My suggestion would be that we handle these final editorial tweaks on 
a "without objection" basis... that is, if anyone objects to a 
proposed correction we'll let the current text stand.  Clearly this 
needs to be done quickly, so I'd like to request that everyone 
propose any corrections in this list prior to next week's TC call.

- Art

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