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emergency message

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Subject: RE: [emergency] Groups - ICS-201-draft0.2.xsd uploaded

I agree with Rick.  Don't open liaisons or set dependencies 
on other specifications and standards unless absolutely necessary, 
meaning, your specification can't be used without them.

1.  Your specification will be tied to the evolution of the 
    other specification, and

2.  It might lose.


From: CONSULTRAC [mailto:rcarlton@consultrac.com]

I think that our attempting to define a "holistic" XML-based ICS 201 is a
flawed approach and beyond our scope. Perhaps we should prepare an XML-API
process spec that acknowledges the specific elements and name types
referenced in the ratified NIMS-construct, but leave the front end
formatting to the marketplace. In my view this places us where we belong; at
the "standardized data exchange protocol" level rather than the
"applications/forms development" level. The latter posture suggests certain
product biases that I do not think we want attached to the committee's work.

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