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Subject: RE: GIS SC Meeting notes for 03/30/04

1. Elliot Christian provided an update on the Earth Observation Symposium (http://www.iafastro.com/congress/Vancouve%202004/Call/2MO_B.pdf ) with special reference to symposium focus area on Space and Natural Disaster Reduction Symposium.

2. Discussion on the GIS SC providing a change proposal to CAP (after adoption) to add a new field that can be used to provide additional coordinate reference system (CRS) information, such as an EPSG code. The current use of WGS 84/Lat Long would remain unchanged. This will insure backwards compatibility and international ease of implementation.
    Carl took action to develop a short "white paper" on CRS and the work the OGC has done in this standards area.

3. Then spent time "getting the  vote out for CAP". Successful!

4. Then a short discussion on RAINS (Regional Alliances for Infrastructure and Network Security) and possible of some level of collaboration. In their announcements, they talk to CAP implementations. Carl and Rex to follow-up. http://www.oregonrains.org/
Respectfully submitted.

Carl Reed
GIS SC Chair
OGC Executive Director

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