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emergency message

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Subject: Meeting Minutes: 2004.07.13

1. CAP Outreach: Allen comments that a new draft has been posted to the 
document repository 
that now includes who is using CAP. Tom provided another, which will be 
added in the next draft. Art mentions that we could use potential 
examples as well as actual examples for the Examples slide. Great idea. 
Either have 2 columns or 2 slides. The spec itself is more of potential 
areas (not actual). Art provided the following.

NWS: strickly weather warnings
California OES: combo weather and locally applicable warnings for EM
Contra Costa County Community Warning System: Use sirens, Dialogics, 
and their E-Team system to share warnings between these systems.
NDS: Diseminating warnings using digital broadcast.
DMI-Services: ability to send and receive CAP messages.

[In Development]
Advanced EAS Relay Network (in development)
Weather Services HazCollect Project: gathering all hazards warnings

Intelligent Sensor Systems (in spec)
Situational Awareness

Gary also mentioned the Dept of Agriculture was also looking into this 
via the DisasterHelp.gov portal.

Futures: Art comments it might be best to think of it as a Next Steps 
slide. Another good idea. Bullets could be.

* Education
* Refinement of spec based on experience and gathering of public 
comments and input
* Integration of CAP w/ broader suite of EM standards

Art also mentions that we may want to add a Resources/Contact slide. 
Point people to more info, while also calling them to action to send 

Allen will update next draft (hopefully final) and post to group for 

2. CAP Errata: Elysa sent email 
outlining the details for Issues #13 - #18. Discussed them in meeting 
as follows:

#13: The Microsoft parser is the one having an issue with this. some 
discussion around whether or not this is correct. Need to look at XML 
Schema for a definitive answer. Kon is going to talk with his developer 
to try and get a summary of the issue. Allen will look the spec and 
provide details back to group for review.

#14: Invalid issue - there can be negatives.

#15: Art comments that the original intent was that some people may 
need to put a password in who have no other means. Valid, but not an 
errata issue. Will deal with later.

#16: Decide to address this in future editions - not an errata issue.

#17: There is a need for this, but it is going to take some work. As 
such, it is not an errata issue.

#18: Again, not an errata issue.

3. F2F: please vote on the ballot by next Monday.

4. Demos: Elysa is in favor of doing one like we did before. Art 
comments on expanding it on the input end - using more inputs. Elysa 
mentions that we needed more realizm to the demo - need to script out 
more of the steps. Art comments that we may not be best served using a 
scenario approach - "new show at...". Reason is because people usually 
walk up in the middle and at random times. May be better to set up just 
a free standing warning system. Maybe also have a presentation. Elysa 

6. Other: Carl mentions he is ready to stand the IF SC back up. Will be 
using this same dialin/passcode. Those interested need to email him.

R. Allen Wyke
Chair, OASIS Emergency Management TC

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