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emergency message

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Subject: Minutes from 12/14 EM-TC Telecon

In cleaning up some old emails, I found these minutes had not been posted - so here they are.  Keep in mind these are dated. Elysa

Please find below the Minutes of the EM-TC conference call 12/14/04. 

1.  Roll Call.
        Art Botterell
        Rex Brooks
        Sukumar Dwarkanath
        Gary Ham
        Elysa Jones
        Tom Merkle
        Carl Reed
        Kwasi Speede
        Rob Torchon
2.  Minutes from the 11/30 meeting.
        Correction to reflect attendance of Tom Merkle
3.  Face to face in New Orleans during OASIS Conference April 27-29.
        A face to face meeting of the TC has been arranged through OASIS for the April conference.  A room will be reserved for a TC face to face during the conference.  Options for days are Wed (27th), Thurs (28th), or Fri (29th).  Morning meetings are from 8-12 and afternoon 12-6.  We can have a half or whole day.  We need to decide which day we want, all day or half day and if half day - which half.  Please make any suggestions of preferred days and equipment needs to Elysa as soon as possible. 
4.  EDXL work - discussions in each of the areas occurred as follows:
        Vocabularies.  Rex continues to review what is available.  He will be looking at the European interoperability framework.  Elysa will give Rex contract information for Michael Deconta, DHS Metadata Program Manager.  The name of Bob Grieves also came up during the EIC/DHS meeting.   Sukumar offered to inform the group when this project is more well defined.
        Transport Profiles.   Art identified four transports to be profiled.  1)  SOAP as used with DMIS and MyStateUSA servers, 2) RSS utilizing a channel approach with indexing as done with the California EDIS project, Horman implementation and to some extent NWS, 3) XMPP as used with the Jabber transport and 4) Multitask Datacast.  If anyone is aware of other transports that are in use for communicating CAP messages, please submit.  This is not intended to be an exhaustive list but those transports that have been demonstrated with CAP to date and for which we can write use documentation.
        EDXL Distribution Header. There was some discussion about the EDXL distribution element as to where it should belong - either in the header or the message body.  This is an issue that the practitioners have wrestled with.  In some cases it makes sense for the distribution element to be in the header only which does not require the message body to be read to obtain routing information.  In some cases having the routing information in the body makes sense.  Use in the body should be allowed but not required.    We do not want the standard to preclude either depending on need.  The selected transport has a bearing on that need.  Much of this discussion assumes a SOAP transport, for example.  This is an example of where input from the practitioners and their experiences to date would be helpful.  The EIC is developing a summary of comments from the prototype demonstrations.  Sukumar will try to find out when this will be available. 
        Gary has posted a sample schema on the site.  He plans to be putting together a use document for DMIS in the next couple of weeks that could be converted to a general purpose doc.
        Rob brought up the valid point that we need to declare and agree on a mission statement for this project and proceed down a well planned path.  It is a bit awkward that we have these documents that are supposed to be requirements and have already had various implementations but yet our only mission is to turn out standards.  We will address this and the status of the transport and vocabularies on our EDXL work plan group meeting on the conference call Friday 11:00 EST. 

5.  Review of EIC/DHS meeting.  Elysa provided a review of the 12/9 EIC conference call.   Basically a summary of the EDXL work plan group was given - minutes are available on the list.  Cudos were given to the good work Art did while working with DHS/EIC in getting EDXL to this point.  Now that Art is doing other things, Lee Tincher will be the technical point of contact within DHS for the TC.  Now that EDXL has been handed off, the EIC/DHS will begin phase two of their efforts to promote EM interoperability standards.  The three possible identified topics are Resource Management, GIS and Situational Awareness.  Resource Management has been chosen for phase two.  If anyone is interested in helping define these requirements, this will be done via the EIC and you can participate in that effort by joining the EIC.  Elysa stated that the TC has an active GIS subcommittee.  Lee mentioned that there are GIS efforts underway within DHS that may be of interest to the TC.  He  followed up with an email containing the details.  This has been passed on to Carl Reed, chair of the subcommittee and others that expressed an interest.  Michael Deconta (DHS Program Manager - Metadata) was also provided as a point of contact for the work Rex is doing with vocabularies.

6.  Although not an agenda topic we discussed upcoming demonstrations.  The EIC is planning a January demonstration of EDXL but this will be the last one until a standard comes out of the TC.  No specific details were available.  Kwasi has been working with Dee Schur of OASIS to possibly do a demonstration at the FOSE trade show in April.  Information will be put on the list to encourage anyone that has some pull to help make this happen.  Elysa also suggested that we do an interop demo at NEMA mid-year conference.  We will, hopefully be in a comment period with the first EDXL specification at that time.  Gordon Fullerton had said in a previous meeting that he would follow up to see if he could help make this happen. 

7.  Subcommittee reports.  See the calendar and docs for times/agendas/minutes for these subcommittees.
        Infrastructure - Tom wasn't available for the call but has posted some up to date information on the site.  Carl will post information about the European interop framework.  Elysa mentioned the MESA project - also a European project to develop an "Emergency Data Exchange Standard."  Art did a quick review and stated that "MESA is coming at this from the Computer Aided Dispatch point of view... like earlier efforts at APCO and NENA.  That's a different and somewhat more specialized perspective than the FEMA / civil emergency management view.  Also, they appear to be trying to address both transport and message-semantic in one standard, which I suspect may strain their resources and/or limit the flexibility of the product."  There may not be much overlap with CAP but there could be some synergy.  If we were to pursue a liaison arrangement it would diminish our resources with much work currently on our plate.  I am however, passing on the link in the event some of you are interested in staying in touch with their efforts.  Art suggested that it may be more a case of "when" not "if" we should work to harmonize these efforts.  The information can be found at www.projectmesa.org. The next telecon for IF is 12/28 - see calendar for details.
        GIS - There is the regular telecon next week for this SC next week.  The subcommittee is awaiting any work that emerges from the TC.  They will review what was provided by Lee.
        Messaging - Art reports that the issues list is complete.  The subcommittee has been working on this for a while and when finished they will release it to the TC for final approval.  The goal is to have this complete on or close to year end so that we can begin the new year with a clean slate.

8.  Charter.  Also not on the agenda - the Charter was discussed.  We have been waiting for some detailed wording on section 5 but it has not come forward.  Elysa will make the changes agreed to in the 11/17 meeting.  There was nothing critical in section 5 that had to be changed, so it will be left as is.  If anyone would like to suggest some wording, please do so by the 12/28 conference call.  Otherwise, it will be put out to vote on Kavi as we left it with the 11/19 changes. 

9.  Adjourn

Respectfully submitted,
Elysa Jones
Chair, EM-TC

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