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emergency message

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Subject: Minutes of the 12/28 EM-TC Telecon

In cleaning up some old emails, I found these minutes had not been posted - so here they are.  Keep in mind these are dated. Elysa

Minutes from the 12/28/04 EM-TC Telecon are presented below.

1.  Roll Call.  Present on the call were:
        Patti Aymond
        Art Botterell
        Rex Brooks
        Sukumar Dwarkanath
        Gary Ham
        Elysa Jones
        Tom Merkle
        Michelle Raymond
        Carl Reed
2.  Minutes from the 12/14/04 meeting.  Add Tom Merkle to the attendees.
3.  Reminder - Face to face in New Orleans during OASIS Conference April 27-29. 
4.  EDXL work
        Vocabularies - Rex reported that he is working on a tool to test vocabularies.  Tom is doing the GJXDD to CAP mapping brute force on a spread sheet.  He will send Rex what he has to try out the tool.  Tom will continue working through it.  Several folks offered to help out if he would break it up in chunks.  This will be done depending on how the tool works out.
        CAP Transport Profiles - Art sent out an Application Note identifying each of the transports to be profiled with a summary of each.  Details will be in an Appendix.  For the CAP over SOAP/HTTP Server Transport - Gary Ham agreed to help with the Appendix.  For the CAP over XMPP Transport (Jabber) The Jabber Council has granted permission to reproduce their specification in the Appendix.  Art will be writing the Appendix for the simple HTTP transport.  Art will also be writing the Multicast/Datacast Transport piece.  It may be the end of Jan before that can be released.
        EDXL Distribution Header - We worked out a mission statement as follows:  The purpose of the EDXL distribution header is to enable content based routing of emergency management and public safety related messages according to a characterization schema. Gary has updated the schema he posted earlier.  It still needs work but is improved.  All agreed to review the requirements as handed down from the EIC again in light of our discussions to date and the mission statement as well as the summary observations that are now posted on the site.
5.  Subcommittee reports
        Infrastructure - There was discussion about the warning issues related to the tsunamis.  It is critical that better sharing of information be done to minimize the effects of this type of disaster.  The information that the earthquake happened was immediately available.  Even without wave detection systems in the ocean, there could have been some warning to the coastal areas.  Art agreed to copy the TC on the note he sent to the PPW and IAEM communities with thoughts that we need to be cautions that another stovepipe system for tsunami detection come out of this.  But rather a better coordinated use of existing detection and warning systems - whatever they may be.  Of course, CAP is a great way to make that data available to the existing alert and notification systems.  Rex will follow up with OASIS folks to be sure we get this message out.
        GIS - Subcommittee remains active - next telecon 1/4/05. 
        Messaging - Art has posted a red line CAP 1.1 spec.  The SC should complete its work with this revision 1/4/05 and hand off to the TC for review.  We are planning to get this in the comment period early in January and prepare for a 1st quarter vote.  There needs to be three CAP users to validate the changes.  The changes are summarized in the back of the document. 
6.  EM-TC Charter.  Elysa will incorporate the changes to section 5 of the charter along with the other agreed to changes and post.  There will be a ballot vote via KAVI posted this week.
7.  Adjourn

Respectfully submitted,
Elysa Jones
Chair TM-TC

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