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Subject: EDXL - political subdivisions

Regarding our proposed <targetArea> tags for political subdivisions 
in the EDXL Distribution Element, on further thought I'd like to 
suggest we make the following changes:

	Rename <country> as <nation>;

	rename <primaryJurisdiction> as <primaryDivision>; and,

	rename <secondaryJurisdiction> as <secondaryDivision>.

Also, I think maybe we may need to ensure that each subdivision is 
clearly bound to one and only one higher-level political boundary. 
(E.g., "Hamilton" might be a secondaryDivision in both Ohio and 
Ontario.)  So maybe these need to be structured as nested elements 
instead of peers.

And of course I think we want to remember in the data dictionary to 
depreciate the use of political area names in favor of explicit 
geospatial representations (circles and polygons).  We don't want to 
encourage the construction of string-matching applications, even 
though we may have to accomodate them for the time being.

- Art

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