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emergency message

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Subject: Re: [emergency] EDXL Schema and Test message

I am in Ft. Bragg tonight and on the agenda to present MOU, CAP and current status of EDXL to the ORNL, etc. folks here in a meeting that will last all of Tues.  I am hoping everyone will be okay with waiting a couple of days for another EM-TC meeting.  What about Thurs 11:30-12:30 EDT??  That will also give me time to get corrections in for the 4/27&28 meeting notes and clean up a couple of things in the EDXL documents.  Lee noted a couple of oversights that need to be fixed, I want to have them ready also to go over before our next meeting.  If anyone has heartburn with this change, drop me a line.  Otherwise, I will make the change on the calendar early Tues am. Elysa

At 07:38 PM 5/2/2005, Rex Brooks wrote:
I will try to check these out before tomorrow;s scheduled TC meeting.

Am I the only one who isn't thrilled with having another meeting immediately? I'll try to make it, but jees....

Oh well, sigh, I am sure I will feel differently in the morning.


At 3:20 PM -0600 5/1/05, Ellis, David wrote:
Since I left early, I created an EDXL Distribution Schema and a sample message.  This was a useful exercise and it pointed out several issues which we need to discuss in the next EDXL Emergency Management TC meeting.  If the DTRA money does not show up soon, I am concerned management will not see the value of my continued Oasis participation.  This is the fourth trip this year on PD funding and DTRA is yet to fund my efforts.  This is particularly troublesome since anyone can use the CAP 1.1 schema and I have been representing DoD interests for the last five months without DoD funding.  Please post these to the appropriate TC EDXL document area and maybe Tom Merkle, Rex Brooks or Kon Wilms could check these out with there schema validating software.  I use Visual studio 2003 to create them.
David E. Ellis
Information Management Architect
(505) 844-6697

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