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emergency message

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Subject: Re: [emergency] EDXL Schema and Test message

Works for me.

- Art

At 9:36 PM -0500 5/2/05, Elysa Jones wrote:
>I am in Ft. Bragg tonight and on the agenda to present MOU, CAP and 
>current status of EDXL to the ORNL, etc. folks here in a meeting 
>that will last all of Tues.  I am hoping everyone will be okay with 
>waiting a couple of days for another EM-TC meeting.  What about 
>Thurs 11:30-12:30 EDT??  That will also give me time to get 
>corrections in for the 4/27&28 meeting notes and clean up a couple 
>of things in the EDXL documents.  Lee noted a couple of oversights 
>that need to be fixed, I want to have them ready also to go over 
>before our next meeting.  If anyone has heartburn with this change, 
>drop me a line.  Otherwise, I will make the change on the calendar 
>early Tues am. Elysa

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