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emergency message

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Subject: valueListUrn (was Re: [emergency] Addition ideas for EDXLDistribution)

At 9:00 PM -0600 5/2/05, Ellis, David wrote:
>2.  I would prefer to use strongly typed values 
>rather than general string values like URN.  In 
>the example I generated, I used simple letters 
>(e.g. a, b, c, d ) in the "ValueListUrn" 

Would this put us back in the business of 
controlling, or at least pre-identifying, the 
various value-lists?

I think we were hoping that anyone who needed to 
could create and publish their own value 
tables... in effect letting other processes (like 
NEIM) develop such lists without our becoming 
embroiled in, or being delayed by, the processes 
of creating or selecting them.

URNs simply provide a way for lists to have 
unique names without the need for an ongoing 
management activities.  Is there a better way to 
achieve that?

- Art

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