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emergency message

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Subject: Addition ideas for EDXL Distribution

EM TC Members


Further comments I pondered while creating the current EDXL schema:


1.  First I would like to thank Art for catching the misspelling of the elements in the proposed EDXL schema.


2.  I would prefer to use strongly typed values rather than general string values like URN.  In the example I generated, I used simple letters (e.g. a, b, c, d …) in the “ValueListUrn” elements.


3.  Also, our data dictionary for “messageReference” is using the CAP 1.0 versus CAP 1.1 format.  I would like to ensure the pattern for the “messageReference” format is “messageID,senderID,dateTimeSent”.  This would eliminate some parsing errors for references later in subsequent EDXL message processing and/or Updates or ACKs.


4.  Since there is a one-to-one correspondence with Message Element and Content Object, It would be a lot easier to “specify” the content namespace in the “messageElement” element definition to ensure consistent namespace for all subsequent child Message Elements.


<element name="messageElement" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="unbounded">


                  <anyAttribute namespace="##any" processContents="skip" />


This would allow uniform namespace for both the “keyXmlContent” and “contentObject” complex types.  Currently our schema would allow the definition of elements in “keyXmlContent” from one namespace and elements from “contentObject” from another namespace.


Finally, I believe conducting a distribution “use case” for how various distribution elements are to be used by Directed Distribution, Directory Lookup, “Publish/Subscribe” and “Workflow Control Routing” is critical to finishing this EDXL distribution definition.


  • Case One Directed Distribution:  I want to send CAP warning to specific recipient.  (DMIS directed distribution)  ISSUE, how do I automate populating the recipient code selection (e.g. DMIS COGs) and how is it used by network of Networks for EDXL distribution (DMIS, InfoBridge, HLS_HLD ISS, MI2, and Alerting Framework.)
  • Case Two Directory lookup:  I want to send a CAP message to all “Fire Departments” <recipientRole> within Prince Edward Island<country> etc.  ISSUE, how do I create a query [select all recipientAddress where recipientRole = “Fire Department” and Country = “CA-PE”].  This will require either pre population of the recipientAddress prior to sending message or modification of hthe message by the routing software similar to how DNS works with a URL.
  • Case Three Publish Subscribe:  I want to receive all messages with a keyword of CBRNE_Event.  ISSUE, Automating message element history (e.g. keywords used ) to determine keywords for selection by subscription web page (Alerting Framework).  There was a good talk on this at the recent OASIS Conference.
  • Case Four Workflow Distribution:  If the Threat Condition is “elevated” and some element of message has a specific value for contents of the <keyXmlContent> complex type, automatically instantiate a pre defined distribution schema and distribute this message.  ISSUE, this requires exercises to sent representative messages for CONOPs for various attack scenarios and development of predefined distribution CONOPs.


I believe these are critical tests for all elements and decisions while we develop the EDXL distribution schema.


David E. Ellis
Information Management Architect
(505) 844-6697

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