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emergency message

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Subject: Re: [emergency] Keywords/Roles

On May 19, 2005, at 5/19/05 6:55 PM, Renato Iannella wrote:

> a.    Whether <keyword> should be in the <messageElement> or
> Distribution. No consensus was reached; the topic was tabled for
> now. List discussion encouraged.
> This seems to be more about the message, than distribution - hence  
> keep
> in <message>.

Well, that's the question... whether the Distribution Element should  
represent a single transmission with a single set of routing  
assertions but potentially multiple component Message Elements... or  
whether each Message Element should be a separate unit for routing  
purposes, in which case there's some question about the usefulness of  
combining them in a Distribution Element.

> b. Whether <senderRole> and <recipientRole> should be in the
> <messageElement> or Distribution or possibly in both. We seemed to
> agree that where one belonged, there the other should be also but  
> there
> was no consensus about where they should be. List discussion
> encouraged.
> The roles should be associated with the IDs - hence they should be
> together (in the Distribution element).
> Assuming the "role" of the Distribution element is to:
>  - identify the sender
>  - identify who should be receiving the messages

Of course, a given sender with a unique ID might nonetheless wear  
multiple hats and need to send different message in different roles.   
And in a content-based routing environment, the sender might not know  
the IDs of the desired recipients, but only the targeted role or roles.

But again, the underlying question is whether we want the  
Distribution Element to be an envelope for transmission purposes, in  
which case it would seem to make sense to put the routing information  
on the envelope... or whether it's to be just a bundle of separate  
envelopes all bound for different recipients.

- Art

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