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Subject: EDXL Content Object Mapping


The 'OR' nature of the content object mapping in the EDXL framework
brings up two questions related to generation and re-distribution of CAP
messages containing derefuri content:

- For an existing CAP message, what is the proposed way of dealing with
such a message when re-distributing it? Break the derefuri and remainder
of the content out to a combination of two message elements and
redistribute this as a single EDXL message? Or break it into multiple
EDXL messages, one with the derefuri and one with the CAP message?

- Where the CAP message has just been generated, does/can/should one
create two EDXL messages, one with the derefuri data, and the second
with the CAP file, or a single message? 

Are there restrictions placed on message generation if the derefuri and
cap files are related?

(The EDXL DE draft is missing a section on the XMLcontent content object
definitions, so it makes it hard to figure the above out.)


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