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Subject: RE: [emergency] Re: Circle and Polygon

If we place the reference system in the element name, we will be forced to
expand the specification to include elements for all of the possible
reference systems.

I personally prefer using an attribute, but I would be o.k. with an element
that indicates the spatial reference system as a sub-element of <polygon>
and <circle>.


Patti Iles Aymond, PhD
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-----Original Message-----
From: Art Botterell [mailto:acb@incident.com] 
Sent: Thursday, June 16, 2005 9:41 PM
To: Emergency_Mgt_TC TC
Subject: Re: [emergency] Re: Circle and Polygon

On Jun 16, 2005, at 6/16/05 7:11 PM, Renato Iannella wrote:
> Perhaps a good compromise is to add explicit (attribute)  
> information that indicates the spatial reference system used by the  
> element, and that it is the external edge?

We've stayed clear of attributes for various reasons, but would it  
achieve the same end to name the elements something like  
<wgs84polygon> and <wgs84circle>?

- Art

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