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emergency message

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Subject: Updating your membership status

We are updating the EM-TC membership list to ensure everyone who wishes to participate may do so, and that we all benefit from your comments and feedback. Please take a moment to check your current status and consider whether you wish to change it. You can see your current role by clicking the "My Info" link from the EM-TC membership page. 

Members (participants) of the TC may speak on conference calls and send messages to the list. Members who attend 2 out of 3 meetings become voting members and hold that status until they miss 2 out of 3 meetings (or have a really good excuse).

Observers may listen on calls and read messages, but may not actively participate.

Provided you, your company, or your organization is a member of OASIS, you may select either status. The distinction between the two is based on OASIS's intellectual property (IPR) policy. Participants are subject to the IPR policy, while observers (so long as they provide no feedback to the committee) are not. You may review the IPR policy from the link on the TC page.

One catch for corporate/organizational members: you must have the approval of your organization's primary rep before in order to change your status from observer to member.

The decision is up to you, of course, but the EM-TC benefits in many ways from active participation. If, after reviewing the options, you wish to change your status, or you're unclear on the categories and guidelines, please email me. 

Best regards,


Julia Ridgely
Secretary, OASIS EM-TC
Long Branch Systems

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