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emergency message

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Subject: Structure

Dear EM-TC Members,

As we discussed in our last meeting, we need to reconsider our TC structure 
with regard to our subcommittees.  We currently have three subcommittees - 
GIS (chair: Dr. Carl Reed), Infrastructure (chair:  Tom Merkle) and 
Messaging and Notification (co-chairs:  Rex Brooks and Art Botterell).  As 
we look to the future work of the TC, I would like for us to consider and 
discuss in our call tomorrow how we can best achieve the goals we set out 
when we updated our charted earlier this year.  Are these the right 
subcommittees? do we need more? do we need to review the charter of these 

There has been some discussion about creating a new SC for "sensors" and/or 
"work flow" and well as "EDXL - distribution element".   Please provide 
comments about this so we can discuss on the call 6/28.

BTW - you may know our TC home page is woefully out of date.  Julia (our 
new secretary - hurrah!) is working on updating this.  Please help her by 
providing comments to the sections she puts out for review.  She is also 
trying to get our roster corrected per the new TC process - check your 
membership and be sure you are listed as you prefer - i.e., observer vs 
member.  Also - The charter we agreed to earlier this hear has not yet been 
posted.  We cannot do this on our own but must wait on OASIS to do so.  You 
should be able to find it in the postings of Jan 13.  Hopefully it will be 
on our public page soon.

See you on the call tomorrow,
Elysa Jones, Chair
Engineering Program Manager
Warning Systems, Inc.
256-880-8702 x102

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