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emergency message

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Subject: Website updates--next round

I have updated the EM TC home page with a new mission statement. Thanks to Art and Robin for their support.

Next, we'll need to update the Publications and News sections. I already put the CAP 1.1 announcement in both, since the window for public comment is rapidly closing. 

Any suggestions on which publications from our repository should be featured?

Any additions to the news items below? The list has not been updated since July of last year. Here are the few I've put together:

The EM TC has released the CAP 1.1 Draft for public comment. All are invited to view or submit comments through July 15, 2005. 

Robin Cover has written a history and summary of XML emergency management initiatives for the OASIS Cover Pages

The EM TC voted to approve the CAP 1.1 draft. The draft will be published for public comment shortly. 

Members of the EM TC conducted a CAP 1.0 interoperability demonstration at the three-day FOSE government IT expo in Washington, D.C. 

Members of the EM TC provided one of six OASIS interoperability demonstrations at the XML 2004 Conference in Washington, D.C. Rex Brooks presented a paper titled "Connecting the Dots: CAP and WSRP."

Julia Ridgely
Long Branch Systems

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