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Subject: [emergency] RE: Very draft mission statement for the GIS SC

Title: [emergency] RE: Very draft mission statement for the GIS S
Thanks Carl,

Will put the thinking cap on.


At 2:53 PM -0600 7/5/05, Carl Reed OGC wrote:
All -
The GIS SC met today and discussed the role and mission of the SC in the context of the larger mission of the EM TC. We captured a number of good ideas and my action was to put them into some semblance of short paragraph. So, here is my first cut at the GIS SC mission. I do like the first sentence (structure).
The mission of the Geospatial Information System (GIS) sub-committee is to provide a forum in which requirements for and potential solutions to geospatial standards issues as related to the broader work of the EM TC can be presented and discussed. This work will include surveys of existing standards, collection of requirements, discussions, and recommendations to the broader EM TC for geospatial components/elements for standards being developed by the EM TC. The goal of this work to improve the value of emergency management systems, including effective integration of geospatial message content anywhere into the EM value chain.
So have at it!
Carl Reed, PhD
CTO and Executive Director Specification Program
The OGC: Helping the World to Communicate Geographically
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