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Subject: CAP Cookbook

Friends -

Pursuant to our earlier conversations (and also just for fun) I've  
wired up a wiki where we can start assembling the "CAP Cookbook" we  
talked about in New Orleans: <http://www.incident.com/cookbook/>.

OASIS is planning to make its own wiki available in the near future,  
and I imagine the TC will want to use that as its wiki-of-record for  
documents that feed into standards (e.g., requirements, data  
dictionary drafts, etc.) but for this sort of "users' guide" function  
I'm hoping to draw on the experiences of the broader CAP user  
community without requiring them to take on the whole membership/IPR  
thing.  And obviously nothing in this unofficial Cookbook is going to  
take precedence over the published standards.

(Anyway, the CAP email list has become a major spam-magnet and not  
terribly interactive anyway, so I'm itching to try something new.)

So anyway, please make yourselves at home if you care to.

- Art

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