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Subject: other XML Schema questions

Minor questions on the latest XML Schema [EDXL_DE_Schema_v2.1(2).xsd]

1 - There are no longer any enumerated values for the  
<distributionStatus> element?
      (ie Actua,l Exercise etc..)

2 - Can the enumerated list for <distributionType> (ie Ack, Cancel,  
Dispatch, Error, Report, Request, Response, Update) be confirmed as I  
have seen/heard that this is a much smaller list now?

3 - The two sub-elements for <explicitAddress> are  
<explicitAddressScheme> and <explicitAddressValue>.
       Can these be reduced to <scheme> and <value> and hence,  
reusable for other potential elements??

4 - The <subdivision> element has a maxOccurs of "1" - but the  
specification says that is may occur "multiple" ?

5 - In the <xmlContent> elements the namespace for elements is ##any  
but for attributes is ##other?
      I suggest that they both be ##other. That is any Namespace,  
except EDXL-DE. (Unless we want EDXL-DE messages
      inside EDXL-DE messages?)

Cheers...  Renato Iannella
National ICT Australia (NICTA)

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