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emergency message

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Subject: RE: [emergency] FW: Suggestion: Add incidentKeyword tocontentObject



I am working on creating a National level Alerting system.  The more “non” Distribution elements we put in the EDXL Distribution Element the more likely a organization might try to use them for routing and message could be misrouted or rejected.


Additionally, I am trying to use set theory to validate distribution aggregation/dis-aggregation.  Adding addition element which some organization uses for classifying messages causes the number of validation matches to increase significantly and creates significant delays delivering life saving time-sensitive warning messages.


David E. Ellis

Information Management Architect

(505) 844-6697


From: Mark Carlson - Conneva, Inc. [mailto:conneva@gmail.com]
Sent: Saturday, January 28, 2006 3:18 PM
To: Ellis, David; patti.aymond@ieminc.com
Subject: Re: [emergency] FW: Suggestion: Add incidentKeyword to contentObject



I am not able to post messages to the group so will just reply to you and Patti. 

My proposal was to add an incidentKeyword with valueListURN/valueList pair that would be used to classify the incident, not to use the valueListURN/valueList pair to identify the incident.  If it makes sense to have incidentID and incidentDescription, then adding a way to classify the incident also makes sense and adds value.  I am working on a resourcing application in which different business logic / routing rules will apply based on incident type.  Sure, I can design a contentObject payload that contains incidentID, desription and keyword information, but as the ID and description are already present in the DE, that is counter-intuitive.  I'm not convinced incident fields belong in the DE, but if they do, then a way to categorize the incident seems necessary.


Mark Carlson

On 1/28/06, Ellis, David <dellis@sandia.gov> wrote:


As you can see, the green IncidentID and incidentDescription have not functionality in either explicit of Pub/Sub distribution.  In fact, if we could predict incidents in advance and add them to a valueListURN/value pair for determining distribution during incidents, the TC should go to Las Vegas and win enough money to retire


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