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emergency message

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Subject: EM-TC Telecons Today

There will be an IF-SC meeting scheduled for 11:30 EDT today which 
will use the same conference line as the EM-TC meeting which will 
start at 12:00.  The call in number is 605-725-3600 and the pass code 
is 236489.

The EM-TC Meeting is planned for 1 hour with the agenda as follows:
1.  Attendance
2.  Vote on CAP 1.1 Errata
	There will be three votes:  committee draft, non-substantive 
changes, 15 day review
	We have already approved these changes individually but need to 
accept them in final form.  A link will be sent shortly that will 
have the red-line and Errata for the review.
3.  Vote to approve changes suggested by Patti on EM-TC web site.
	These were summarized in an email from Patti 5/2 with an attachment 
of the actual changes.  Please review and prepare to comment/correct/approve.
4.  Discussion of Profiles for CAP
5.  Reports from subcommittees
6.  Adjourn

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