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emergency message

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Subject: Vote for initiation of the RIM-SC

Dear TC Members,

Two wonderful and brave soles have agreed to co-chair the 
RIM-SC.  Many thanks to Rex Brooks and Lee Tincher for stepping 
up!  As you have seen, Rex posted the statement of purpose 3/18/08 
and it can be found in the documents folder under resources.  We need 
now to have a quorum vote of the TC to approve this Subcommittee being formed.

These guys are anxious to get started.  I would like to schedule a 
call at 12:00 noon EDT Tues 4/1/08 on this matter.  If you are a 
voting member, please let me know if you can be available.  The call 
should last only 10 minutes if all are promptly present.

Elysa Jones, Chair
Warning Systems, Inc.

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