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emergency message

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Subject: Fwd: Wednesday May 21st EIC Member Meeting Agenda


Please find the meeting information for the May EIC meeting below with agenda attached.  The EM-TC is always welcomed to join the meeting either in person or by telephone.  I will be able to be there in person this month and will provide the EM-TC update as usual. 

I suspect there to be some changes in the agenda after the EIC board meeting tomorrow but the call in details and most of the agenda items will remain unchanged.


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From: David Lamensdorf <dlamensdorf@eic.org>
Subject: Wednesday May 21st EIC Member Meeting Agenda
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Dear Members and Friends,

Our May Member Meeting is this coming Wednesday.

We have quite a bit to discuss this month wherein your contribution and participation would be most appreciated.

As a reminder the Emergency Management Technical Committee is seeking feedback from implementations of the Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) for the potential of enhancing its capabilities and/or clarification of certain elements.

More information on this request can be found at:


I look forward to meeting with you all next week.


David Lamensdorf
Emergency Interoperability Consortium

EIC 05.21.08 Meeting Agenda.doc

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