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emergency message

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Subject: Re: [emergency] Groups - Special EM-TC Telecon Meeting cancelled

Art, I do not have any insight into where this impression could have 
originated.  It seems to me that we must make sure that we are as 
clear as possible about what we are doing so that we may maintain 
focus.  These other requests for input are a bit of a detraction but 
we need to try to stay focused on our drafted document.   We will 
take any comments during the comment period provided they are 
properly submitted per OASIS process.  We'll have to make sure that 
they reference the document we have voted into comment.  Since it 
will be a CD, we will have specific line number for each comment to 
relate.  That should help with the different documents floating 
around.  Thanks for your concern and continued support.  Regards, Elysa

At 07:04 PM 2/10/2009, Art Botterell wrote:

>Elysa, I've spoken to several folks who were on today's DHS 
>"Practitioner Working Group" (PWG) call and who came away with the 
>impression that the OASIS comment period would begin later this 
>week.  As you point out, that's not possible.  Do you (or anyone 
>else who might have been on that call) have any idea where they 
>might have gotten that idea?
>Also... it appears that DHS contractors have been conducting their 
>own comment cycle within the PWG based on the original IPAWS 
>requirement document from December... that's a bit confusing, but 
>what really got me concerned is that there seems to have been a 
>suggestion that some or all of those comments would be submitted to 
>OASIS as part of our comment process, even though they relate to an 
>entirely different document.  Do you (or again, anyone) have any 
>insight into that?
>- Art
>Art Botterell, Manager
>Community Warning System
>Contra Costa County Office of the Sheriff
>50 Glacier Drive
>Martinez, California 94553
>(925) 313-9603
>fax (925) 646-1120
> >>> <ejones@warningsystems.com> 02/10/09 4:09 PM >>>
>I'm sorry if you called in for this meeting, I did a "cancel" on the
>meeting earlier today but it seems to have not gone out as it still appears
>in Kavi.  Therefore I am doing another cancel for the record.
>The reason the call was canceled is that the CAP Profiles SC agreed in
>their meeting this morning on the two points such in questions.  Now the TC
>will not be requested to make a decision on these two points alone.  The
>Committee Draft will reflect the decision of the SC and then put to the TC
>for a vote as part of the normal process and at the time of our next
>regularly scheduled meeting Feb 17.
>Many thanks to you all for being patient and flexible as we try to meet a
>difficult timeline.
>  -- Mrs. Elysa Jones
>Special EM-TC Telecon Meeting has been cancelled by Mrs. Elysa Jones
>Date:  Tuesday, 10 February 2009
>Time:  05:00pm - 06:00pm ET
>Event Description:
>View event details:
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