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Subject: CAP Event Location Layer



The Canadian Association for Public Alerting and Notification (www.CAPAN.ca) has just posted the following documents to its website:


1.       Canadian Profile of the Common Alerting Protocol (CAP-CP) Introduction and Rule Set Beta 0.3

2.       Canadian Profile of the Common Alerting Protocol (CAP-CP) Location References Beta 0.3

3.       Canadian Profile of the Common Alerting Protocol (CAP-CP) Event References Beta 0.3

4.       CAPAN CAP Event Location Layer PUBLIC DRAFT


The CAP-CP was split into three documents, as we plan to manage the updates to each independently of the others. They are identified as beta in anticipation of Canadian standards organization involvement, which would produce an official version 1. These documents are currently overseen by a limited number of stakeholders that include Jacob Westfall and I, and federal agencies. Our next steps include the addition of marine area location references, and the vetting of event references with additional subject matter experts.


The Event Location layer includes requirements specific to the addition of point, line, polygon and circle references for alert event location, using CAP <parameter>. Our primary objective is to support a common operational picture of CAP-CP alerts using geospatial tools. We determined that event location was significantly more important than the alert area, for most visual presentations of CAP alerts.


This layer was to have been identified to CAP-CP, however, given that CAP-CP offers a managed event list which we can associate symbols with, we were left with the need to capture event location references only. We hope that it will have value for others, and other purposes (and perhaps adoption in CAP 2.0).


Our next step in this project is to document best practices related to the conversion of CAP-CP to GeoRSS, KML, etc., including the impact of severity on presentation style. Ex. Symbol colour and border style changes.  This project has financial support from GeoConnections, a federal initiative to advance the use of geomatics in public safety.


In support of the aforementioned, CAPAN has associated a symbol and URI with each of the CAP-CP event codes, for consumption and use by feed readers which support remote symbol references. A new provincial situational awareness system is consuming these symbols and presenting them in a Microsoft Virtual Earth viewer. I note that the symbols in use are placeholders for symbols that will be defined in a national public safety symbology project. To the extent possible, we can expect that project team to adopt the symbology defined by the US FGDC for use in the US.


We would appreciate your feedback, either directly with me, or through a discussion forum to be launched soon at www.CAPAN.ca.




Doug Allport

Executive Director

Canadian Association for Public Alerting and Notification (www.CAPAN.ca)


(613) 271-1040




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