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emergency message

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Subject: Re: meter/feet units in the altitude element of CAP

Thanks Elysa,

I think a small clarification is in order. For 
that reason, and because we might want to add 
this to tomorrow's TC Meeting Agenda, I am adding 
the TC list to the addresses for this message.

We started the list at the url cited to collect 
comments into CAP 1.2 and CAP 2.0 categories as a 
way to see what needed to be done next. 
Subsequently, we have chosen to push quickly for 
CAP 1.2 (underway). We then planned to launch 
into a formal, but currently temporally 
unconstrained (no fixed end date), Requirements 
Gathering process for CAP 2.0 when CAP 1.2 is 
announced for its 60-Day Public Review (very 
soon). We don't currently have anyone tasked with 
maintaining that list.

I should also say that the motion I made many 
months ago for a separate CAP SC to undertake 
that work still stands. I think it might be 
appropriate to modify that motion to specify the 
SC as CAP 2.0 specific, but it should certainy be 
discussed as to whether it is a single 
issue/version, short-lived SC or a permanent SC. 
I could argue both sides, but I do think it 
should be its own entity.

I think the constituency for CAP 2.0 greatly 
exceeds that of the EM-Msg SC and for that SC to 
handle both CAP 2.0 and EDXL-SitRep is more than 
a single SC can or should handle. And, because I 
am already committed to EM-Msg and EDXL-RIM SCs, 
as co-chair, I would not be a candidate for that 
role in a new SC.


At 4:50 AM -0500 5/11/09, Elysa Jones wrote:
>Art and others,
>Yes there is a list of issues for CAP 2.0 in the 
>spreadsheet at 
>I've copied Rex Brooks, one of the co-chairs for 
>the Msg/Not Subcommittee on this in case he 
>wants to add any comments about its completeness.
>At 04:27 AM 5/11/2009, Michael Staudinger wrote:
>>many thanks for the info and pls continue to keep us informed!
>>kind regards Michael Staudinger
>>I don't see any reason we couldn't revisit this in CAP 2.0.
>>Just for background... the selection of feet for the altitude
>>elements, even though we used meters elsewhere, was based on feet
>>being used in aviation.  And the decision to standardize on a single
>>unit rather than supporting multiple units was made in order to
>>minimize the complexity of CAP processing at the receiver, which we
>>envisioned including some relatively simple embedded devices.  So
>>these choices weren't quite as parochial or inconsistent as they may
>>appear... although that's not to claim they were perfect!
>>Elysa, do we have a formal issues list for CAP 2.0 yet?
>>- Art
>>On May 8, 2009, at 5/8/09 6:18 AM, Eliot Christian wrote:
>>>  Hi Micheal,
>>>  Sorry  for the delay in my response to the problem you raised wrt
>>>  meter/feet for the altitude element in CAP.
>>>  I think you need to raise the issue to the OASIS Emergency
>>>  Management TC for consideration in the next version of CAP. (For all
>>>   I know, this may be already on their list of issues.)
>>>  The contacts I would use to raise it are cc'd here:
>>>  Art Botterell <acb@incident.com>
>>>  and Elysa Jones <ejones@warningsystems.com>
>>>  >>> "Michael Staudinger" <michael.staudinger@zamg.ac.at> 04/27/09
>>>  >>> 3:30 PM >>>
>>>  [...]
>>>  About the meter/feet problem: implementing CAP this turns out to be
>>>  a problem for more specific warnings in meteorology. What would be
>>>  the correct procedure to have the need for a SI compliant hight
>>>  dimension integrated in CAP?
>>>  kind regards Michael
>>>  ____________________________________________
>>>  Michael Staudinger
>>>  ZAMG - Kundenservice f. Salzburg und Oberösterreich
>>>  Freisaalweg 16 A-5020 Salzburg, Austria
>>>  tel +43(0)662 626301-24
>>>  staudinger@zamg.ac.at www.zamg.ac.at
>>  > ____________________________________________

Rex Brooks
President, CEO
Starbourne Communications Design
GeoAddress: 1361-A Addison
Berkeley, CA 94702
Tel: 510-898-0670

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