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emergency message

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Subject: Re: Note to ITU

Hi All,
Thank you for keeping me informed.
Please do not hesitate to tell me if I can assist in any way.
Best wishes,

Elysa Jones wrote:
> Eliot and Tony,
> Thank you for your responses this morning.  I am glad to know that 
> call-ins will be allowed so that the TC members can also hear the 
> presentation/discussions with others implementing CAP.  It is likely 
> that the TC will have some input for the workshop in some form.  I 
> would like to socialize any concepts with as much input as possible 
> from around the world into the work the TC must do.  I will pass on 
> the comments you both provided to our meeting today.
> Regards,
> Elysa Jones, Chair
> CTO Warning Systems, Inc.
> At 06:54 AM 5/28/2009, Eliot Christian wrote:
>> Hi Elysa,
>> Perhaps it would be useful to summarize what we intend.
>> The objective of this Workshop is to draft an Implementors Note
>> on the Use of Identifiers in CAP Implementations. That draft
>> document is intended to be passed on to the OASIS TC as input
>> to any official deliberations or actions that may be warrented.
>> Participants will discuss matters raised in written contributions,
>> by participants present in person or by telephone call-in, and
>> during a one-hour joint session with a MeteoAlarm meeting.
>> There is no need for an official delegation to this workshop,
>> as everyone will participate solely as an individual expert.
>> I will let you know what number will be used for call-in's.
>> Eliot
>> >>> Elysa Jones <ejones@warningsystems.com> 05/28/09 6:28 PM >>>
>> Dear Eliot,
>> Thank you for your continued tireless work to improve alert and
>> warning in our world.
>> The OASIS EM-TC would like very much to participate in the workshop
>> at WMO in June. However, at this time, no members have identified
>> the ability to attend without funding for travel. Since this topic
>> has not been fleshed out within the TC (aside from the current
>> identifier method specified in the Standard), we feel it is important
>> for TC members to be able to participate in the workshop. Would it
>> be possible for TC members or others to participate remotely?
>> We will continue to seek funding for sending a representative as a
>> minimum but no representative will have authority to act on behalf of
>> the TC without TC consensus.
>> We will begin a series of special meetings of the TC 5/28 to discuss
>> this topic in an effort to develop a recommendation. Would it be
>> possible to get any documented notes that would identify the
>> method(s) the ITU-SG is considering and arguments for/against. This
>> may help speed our efforts.
>> I look forward to hearing from you.
>> Kind regards,
>> Elysa Jones, Chair
>> CTO Warning Systems, Inc.

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