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Subject: WMO workshop on identifiers

	I'm forwarding some notes from Norm Paulsen who is at the WMO workshop,

Subject: June 22-23rd, 2009 WMO workshop on Identifiers
Summary of Notes: Plan is to write an Implementation Note to send to OASIS
Identifiers discussion...
- CAP elements that allow unconstrained values for identifiers
- for Events, Senders, Alerts
- others mentioned but not considered were things like language which were already considered addressed

Harmonized identifiers across systems and over time would enhance understanding of mesage content.

- Use of OID's.
- registrar of WMO members (ie. by WMO nation). Heirarchy distributed (each takes care of their children - sub-delegation).
- CAP Example where 840 is U.S.
- Alerting Authorities and policies example
- Particular hazard/threat event example 2.29.2.GLIDE.TC-2009...
 (Note: values are suggestions, not a particular value choice at this time)
- OID's assigned would be for member nations of WMO
- UN would have an equivalent node for their member nations
- not sure if an alert can fall under more than one node/branch
- civil authorities under another node as defined by that governing authority

More dicsussion set for today. Yesterday was mainly introduction of ideas and background information.

Norm Paulsen


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