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emergency message

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Subject: CAP v1.2 comment issues

	The Msgs subcommittee is meeting again next week on Sep 3 at 1 PM to discuss some comments that were received during the CAP v1.2 public review.  A preliminary review of the comments has been completed but there are some issues that were deferred for further discussion.  We'd like to get input from other TC members who haven't been attending the meetings on how to address these issues.  Please consider either attending the meeting next week, or commenting via email to the TC list on the issues.

	The CAP v1.2 issues list is available here:  http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/emergency-msg/download.php/33978/CAPv1.2-PR01-IssuesList.xls

	A brief summary of the discussion issues:
#1 Expanding the use of the <addresses> element to include "Public" <scope>
#6 Conformance with NIEM Naming and Design Rules
#20 Implementation note regarding composition of a <headline> and acceptable values
#22 Requiring <mimeType> for <Resource> blocks
#23 Requiring <size> for <Resource> blocks
#24 <derefURI> restrictions
#25 Requiring <digest> for <Resource> blocks, additional algorithms
#29 Rejecting signatures that can't be validated
#30 Inclusion of an ASN.1 message example
#31 Message structure changes to accomodate nuclear EAL's


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