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emergency message

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Subject: RE: [emergency] DE Basics Paper Ver 04-1

These corrections have been made and the document will be forwarded 
to the EI MS today.  Thank you, Elysa

At 03:04 PM 8/13/2009, Patrick Gannon wrote:

>Great job you and the other editors have done on this paper.  I went 
>back through and re-read and found a few edits that need to be made.
>1. Shouldn't the date of the document be the date when the document 
>is approved by the TC?
>2. Some of the other standards names needed editing.
>3. The URL for the ISO 639 Code Table was incorrect, and that has 
>been updated.
>I trust is you review the edits in the attached version, you will 
>find them acceptable.
>Best regards,
>Patrick Gannon
>President & COO
>Warning Systems, Inc.
>+1 256 880 8702 x104  (office)
>+1 256 468 4055  (mobile)
>+1 978 458 7478  (home-office)
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>From: jeff.waters@navy.mil [mailto:jeff.waters@navy.mil]
>Sent: Tuesday, August 11, 2009 7:25 AM
>To: emergency@lists.oasis-open.org
>Subject: [emergency] DE Basics Paper Ver 04-1
>A draft version of the DE Basics paper has been uploaded to the EM 
>TC Documents Outreach folder for your consideration prior to the 
>next EM TC meeting.  This version (04-1) includes the changes 
>approved by the Infrastructure Subcommittee.  The link to the 
>document is provided below.
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