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Subject: Liaison statements from ITU-T: CAP & WMO in certain mobile network uses

This is the second of several postings today on communications
received about relevant activities in and requests from our partner in
standards cooperation, ITU-T, the global de jure telecommunications
standardization agency.  As you know, ITU-T approved the global
standardization of our OASIS CAP as their ITU-T Rec. X-1303, through
their Study Group 17.

ITU's Study Group 2 sent a request to WMO (the World Meteorological
Organization), a copy of which has been provided to us, that suggests
that ITU-T Rec X.1303, the ITU approval of our OASIS CAP, be used in
certain disaster/warning message activity across multiple heterogenous
mobile (e.g. cellular) networks.  SG 2 is the ITU's lead group on
numbering, routing, service definition and certain identifiers.

The communication is captioned: "Liaison to WMO on seeking views on
the feasibility of message identifier global harmonization", and
includes an early draft of recommendation text that would describe
requirements to enable the use of  Land Mobile services for
point-to-multipoint, multicast and broadcast capabilities for civic
purposes.  It appears to have been issued with WMO's workshop on
identifiers in mind.

That document is available to any TC member who requests it, from me
or TC chair Elysa Jones, but is not being posted here, as its status
as a public document is not yet certain.   Most draft ITU-T works are
subject to circulation restrictions barring public posting.  We've
inquired about this one.

TC members are welcome to review and comment on the ITU-T draft.  It's
possible for entities to comment on their own, of course, and so far
as I am aware, the TC also could choose to formally adopt views if
they wish.

The project and document's contact person is Gary Richenaker of Neustar.

~ James Bryce Clark
~ General Counsel, OASIS
~ http://www.oasis-open.org/who/staff.php#clark

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