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emergency message

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Subject: Re: [emergency] Liaison statements from ITU-T: CAP & WMO in certainmobile network uses

HI Jamie, Everyone,

I'd like  to have a copy. I don't care whether Jamie or Elysa sends it 
to me, as long as I get it.


James Bryce Clark wrote:
> This is the second of several postings today on communications
> received about relevant activities in and requests from our partner in
> standards cooperation, ITU-T, the global de jure telecommunications
> standardization agency.  As you know, ITU-T approved the global
> standardization of our OASIS CAP as their ITU-T Rec. X-1303, through
> their Study Group 17.
> ITU's Study Group 2 sent a request to WMO (the World Meteorological
> Organization), a copy of which has been provided to us, that suggests
> that ITU-T Rec X.1303, the ITU approval of our OASIS CAP, be used in
> certain disaster/warning message activity across multiple heterogenous
> mobile (e.g. cellular) networks.  SG 2 is the ITU's lead group on
> numbering, routing, service definition and certain identifiers.
> The communication is captioned: "Liaison to WMO on seeking views on
> the feasibility of message identifier global harmonization", and
> includes an early draft of recommendation text that would describe
> requirements to enable the use of  Land Mobile services for
> point-to-multipoint, multicast and broadcast capabilities for civic
> purposes.  It appears to have been issued with WMO's workshop on
> identifiers in mind.
> That document is available to any TC member who requests it, from me
> or TC chair Elysa Jones, but is not being posted here, as its status
> as a public document is not yet certain.   Most draft ITU-T works are
> subject to circulation restrictions barring public posting.  We've
> inquired about this one.
> TC members are welcome to review and comment on the ITU-T draft.  It's
> possible for entities to comment on their own, of course, and so far
> as I am aware, the TC also could choose to formally adopt views if
> they wish.
> The project and document's contact person is Gary Richenaker of Neustar.
> ~ James Bryce Clark
> ~ General Counsel, OASIS
> ~ http://www.oasis-open.org/who/staff.php#clark
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