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emergency message

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Subject: Follow-Up: NCOIC Netcentric Pattern: All Hazards Alerts and Warnings(AHAW) Capability Pattern

Hi Everyone,

I recently passed along the request from the Network Centric Operations 
Industry Consortium (NCOIC) for the EM TC and the EM Adoption TC to 
approve and recommend the NCOIC AHAW Capability Pattern, so now I am 
following up with the public url for downloading the officially approved 

Naturally, I hope this meets with your approval, and that we can get the 
TCs' input on developing the AHAW Technical Pattern which will provide 
more complete technical details for implementing this pattern and for 
NCOIC members to develop "Building Block" components which are certified 
to implement the pattern correctly and that necessarily includes 
implementing the OASIS CAP and EDXL-DE Standards correctly as well.


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