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emergency message

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Subject: Fw: Europe Emergency Support System (ESS) - Field test invitation

Thought this might be of interest.

Sent: Monday, January 23, 2012 6:13 AM
Subject: [EDM.DWG] Emergency Support System (ESS) - Field test invitation

Dear members of the OGC EDM DWG -


The EU FP7 project "Emergency Support System" (ESS – see http://www.ess-project.eu/) is going to conduct its first field test in France on the 24th of March, 2012, in Nîmes.


The objective of the ESS is to develop a suite of real-time data-centric technologies aiming to provide actionable information to crisis managers during abnormal events. This information will enable improved control and management, resulting in real time synchronization between forces on the ground (police, rescue teams, fire fighters) and out-of-the-theatre command and control centers (C&C).


ESS makes use of OGC standards, including SWE standards (SOS, O&M, SWE Common etc) as well as general SDI standards (WFS, WMS etc). If you are interested in seeing OGC standards being applied in the demonstration of an Emergency Management system, we invite you to attend the first ESS field test.


The scenario of this field test is based on a flood event near a football stadium during a soccer game. During the test several components and modules of the ESS system will be demonstrated regarding surveillance, field measurements, area monitoring, field sensors, fleet and traffic management, risk assessment, alerting citizens etc.


You can download further information – the official invitation letter as well as agenda and registration form – from here.


Best regards,




Johannes Echterhoff

Project Manager

International Geospatial Services Institute GmbH

Werner-Heisenberg-Strasse 73

D-26723 Emden, Germany

Phone: +49.4921.94.14.03

Mobile: +49.179.480.89.31





Company Register: HBR 200520, Amtsgericht Aurich

Executive Directors: Martin Klopfer & Dr. Ingo Simonis

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